Ep. 9 – The Lauren Lipscomb of Hola Guava

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Episode 9

We are back from Warehouse Sale week with a bunch of interviews with local boutiques and designers! First on the list is Lauren Lipscomb, owner and designer, of Hola Guava. We sat down with her and discussed how Hola Guava came to be, how she balances work with the million other things she does + a FANTASTIC story on why her Instagram name is THELaurenLipscomb


Warehouse Sale recap

40 Days, 40 Items contest

Lauren Lipscomb Interview


That’s right! Our long time friends at @swapnola are the first official No Strings Attached sponsors and we could not be more excited. SWAP is a designer consignment (two of our favorite words in retail) store with several locations in New Orleans and one in Baton Rouge. To learn more visit: swapboutique.com

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