Packing in Style

Summer in New Orleans is a great time to leave New Orleans. If you are lucky enough to ditch the hot, wet and humid weather we have some packing tips for you. Checkout our most recent segment on Great Day Louisiana where we pack it up in style:

Don’t feel like watching a whole video? We broke it down in 5 easy steps:

Rule #1: Pack items that you can mix and match. Unless there is a required item (attire for a wedding) everything should have a dual purpose.

Rule #2: Traveling with formal attire? Most higher-end hotels offer full laundry and dry cleaning services. Ditch bringing the steamer and let the professionals handle it.

Rule #3: Roll. Fold and hold. Suitcases are modern day tetris. There is room for everything, but you have to make it WORK!

Rule #4: The heaviest items should go to the bottom of the suitcase OR wear them. Traveling on a plane? Those espadrilles pack easily, but you’re Hoka’s are a little too big.

Rule #5: Last on the list, but should be first in your bag: medications, toothbrush and sunblock. Keep these in your carry-on and make sure to put them in the appropriate clear bags for a quicker security experience and to prevent the dreaded spill.

A special thanks to Ems, Febe and Lucy Rose for generously outfitting us for the segment!

Need help with your style? Give ALG Style a call!

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