No Strings Attached Episode 5 Oscar Red Carpet Recap

Episode 5

We are LIVE from the Oscar’s Red Carpet (AKA my living room and The Joe Luft’s office) breaking down Sunday’s looks with the lovely Lisa L. A lot of outfits to cover. Many good and a couple of ‘not so much.’ PLUS, THE JOE LUFT GOT ENGAGED!

The Winning Looks

The Entire Crazy Rich Asians Cast (LOVED)

Lady Gaga (she is having an incredible fashion award show season)

Jason Momoa (looking absolutely awesome in a pink tux by Karl Lagerfeld)

Glenn Close

Some Not So Great Looks

Rachel Weisz

Maya Rudolph


That’s right! Our long time friends at @swapnola are the first official No Strings Attached sponsors and we could not be more excited. SWAP is a designer consignment (two of our favorite words in retail) store with several locations in New Orleans and one in Baton Rouge. To learn more visit:

How to watch and listen…

Want to see our pretty faces? Watch the Full Episode right here!

On the run?

Good news, just hit Play on the SoundCloud audio below and listen to the full episode (iTunes Podcast option coming VERY soon)

Full Episodes

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