2024 Festival Fashion Tips

Everyone, stay cool—it’s my favorite time of year, and I’m trying not to freak out. That’s right, Jazz Fest is less than two weeks away! You’ll find me donning sun hats, zipping around on golf carts, indulging in copious amounts of food, and staying out way past my bedtime. But before all of that kicks off, I joined Malik Mingo on Great Day Louisiana to discuss my favorite festival looks in a segment I like to call… Festival, but Make it FANCY!

When it comes to festival fashion, there are two crucial rules to keep in mind to ensure you look and feel great, no matter what the event throws your way.

Rule #1: Check the weather forecast. Before you pack your bag, make sure you know what Mother Nature has in store. If the forecast hints at a repeat of 1969 Woodstock, rain, mud and more rain, plan your outfit accordingly. Opt for clothing that repels water rather than absorbs it. Think waterproof boots, lightweight raincoats, and quick-drying fabrics. This will help you stay comfortable and enjoy the festival, rain or shine.

Rule #2: Make it fancy. Now, ‘fancy’ doesn’t mean you need to pack your white gloves and pearls (unless that’s your style, of course!). What I mean by ‘fancy’ is that any outfit, no matter how comfortable or casual, can also be stylish and flattering. It’s all about balancing comfort with a touch of flair. Perhaps add a striking accessory, a fun print, or a bold piece of jewelry that makes your outfit pop. Even something as simple as a well-chosen hat or a pair of cool sunglasses can elevate your look from basic to chic.

Now…let’s see some LOOKS!






A special thanks to PRONTO, Angelique Boutique for generously outfitting us for the segment!

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