Mother Daughter Outfits

With the slew of holidays and family gatherings, we are in full-on mother-daughter outfit season. This is a great chance to share some flair, but please DO NOT try to dress like a 16-year-old. Here are the essentials: coordinate colors and patterns, embrace age-appropriate styles, add matching details (but no clones, please!), and most importantly, let your daughter express her own fabulous fashion sense. Now, go out there and create some memorable twinning moments!

I jumped on Great Day Louisiana to breakdown Mother-Daughter outfits. Give it a watch or read the spark notes below

Same, but different

It’s not 1998. You and your daughter do not have to wear the awkward high-waisted dress that looks great on your young daughter but is the least flattering on you. Instead, pick a color or pattern that can be the thread that ties the two looks together.

You win universe, Birkenstocks are back

For years, many have said Birkenstocks are back. To this day, the most popular post on this blog is debating Crocs vs. Birkenstocks (click here to read. I forgot how funny this post was). With some regret, I must inform you that Birkenstocks are indeed back. HOWEVER, these are not your hippy-dippy Woodstock Birkenstocks. I am talking bedazzled, high-end designer (or inspired by) collabos. They’re comfortable, they’re chic, and they will most definitely require a pedicure.


Thanks to platform shoes, my driver’s license says I’m 5’5″. That’s legally binding. Unlike heels, platforms can offer support. A fashion and comfort win for multiple generations.


It feels like I say this to all my clients at least once a day between March and October: breathable fabrics are your friend. A guaranteed way to ruin a cute mother-daughter photo-op is by sweating through your top or pants.

A special thanks to Em’s Boutique and Iron Horse for outfitting us for the segment!


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