White Linen Night Fashion Tips

It’s that time of year…when the temperatures top 100 degrees, steam radiates from the heat and we as grown adults decide it’s great idea to get fully decked out in all white and slosh wine all night. Ladies and gentlemen, it is White Linen Night. And while the chaos and shenanigans will run amok, that does not mean your outfit has to. Today we went on WWLTV and chatted with Sheba Turk about how to style your White Linen Night outfit. ***SPOILER ALERT*** it’s going to rain!

White Linen Night Fashion Tips!

Not See Through

Do a one over and make sure that no one can see through your outfit. It is white linen night, not sheer linen night. Be prepared to pin the goods well or have them be seen by on all Julia Street.

It Always Rains, Be Prepared

I have a new career as a weather girl, because I can without fail ALWAYS predict the weather for White Linen Night…it rains! It might clear up at some point, but rarely is it dry all day. So bring an umbrella. If it doesn’t rain, well then you just have a cool accessory or a weapon to hit your friends in the head with if they’ve have a little too much merlot.

Pops of Color on White

Yes it is White Linen night, but DO NOT be afraid to add a pop of color. If anything, the color will help the white pop even more. Also, it’s a sea of white…stand out a little.

Water proof shoes!

Back to my previous point, it will rain. And if it does not rain, the streets or gallery floors are sure to be slick and flooded with wine so wear a shoe that can take a beating. It doesn’t have to be ugly, BUT do not walk out the door with your fancy shoes. You will regret it.


Onto the Looks!

Tracey is wearing a high wasted pant from Monomin. Definitely on the fancier side of White Linen Night, but equally as comfortable.

Anna is in a vintage inspired dress from Sorella’s. NOTICE- it is not all white! Just because the name says it, does not mean you have to 100% follow the guidelines. A little pop of color or print will do your outfit good. Also, notice she has a fan. It provides a pop of color, it also prevents you from becoming a sweaty mess in a dress.

Emma is a vintage dress from Sorella’s. Yet again, white with some pop. Notice the accessories provide some pizzaz as well as functionality (it’s going to be sunny and it will rain).

Disclaimer: I feel bad using Lainey as a model because she looks so good in every thing she wears. It’s almost unfair. She is wearing a high waisted pant from Monomin and crop top. Beautiful outfit, but honestly Lainey just looks really good. You’re gorgeous Lainey and I apologize to everyone else (myself included).

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS!!! Omar is in a white linen shirt with a blue short from Iron Horse. Yet again, everything does not have to be all white.

Last and certainly the least, it’s me! I am head to toe in white, with a little flair of gold on my sneakers! My dress is from Peony and my earrings are from Hola Guava! Things to note, this dress is not transparent (i.e. you don’t see too much of me) AND it’s breezy which is more than necessary for that jungle like humidity that hovers over White Linen Night.

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  1. I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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