What does ALG Style do???

We hear this a lot: ‘Omg! You are so funny! We love your posts! We can’t wait for The Warehouse Sale!’ and then followed up almost immediately with ‘But what does ALG Style actually do???’

That is a fair question. In the mix of rushing around for The Warehouse Sale, styling personal clients, coming up with fun content and trying to get enough sleep to look presentable we sometimes forget to gush about our bread and butter.

Quite simply, ALG Style is an image consultant and personal stylist. And we are here to help you!

Our standard work week consists of meeting with clients in person, discussing their style needs, coming up with a plan of action and then hitting the ‘GO! GO! GO!’ button. These consults turn into us cleaning out closets, organizing wardrobes, creating personal style books, shopping and outfitting clients based on their needs.

We do all of this with the number one goal of making you look and feel your best. Whether you are transitioning to a new role at your job, going on a vacation or are just in need of seasonal styling help, ALG Style should be your first and only call!

To help you better understand, and to get you on board with personal styling we are offering a Closet Clean out special from now until October 15th. We will come to your home, help you purge older items, style and organize the items you keep. At the end of it, you will look great and feel a whole lot of piece of mind!

Not sure about having a personal stylist? Just give us a call! A phone call is free and we are always glad to chat fashion!



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