Traveling? Let ALG Style you!

Planning a trip? Let ALG Be Your Styling Guide! We recently visited Ems to curate stunning outfits for a client embarking on a globetrotting adventure spanning Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. Take a peek at the incredible ensembles we assembled!

ALG is here to ensure you’re dressed impeccably for every destination, and we can even lend a hand in organizing your suitcase with utmost precision. So sit back, relax, and let us handle the logistics while you ponder the timeless conundrum of choosing between an Aperol Spritz or Bellini.

Now let’s see some looks!


Stun in the Spanish summer sun with this sun hat and breathable skirt. Pro-tip: White t-shirts/tanks look great with almost anything and are easy to pack. By pairing a nice skirt or pants with a white top, you can make it pop.

Paris by day

Perfect for strolling museums, gardens, and cafes, this short skirt offers the freedom and comfort of shorts without being too casual. The long-sleeve top is chic, providing shoulder coverage from the sun and keeping you warm in heavily air-conditioned museums.


Game, set, and match with this flowy dress! The UK, normally known for its grey skies and modest temperatures, heats up in July. This is the perfect center court look that will keep you up to snub with Victoria Beckham and Princess Kate as you take in a tennis match or enjoy a classic English garden.


Bom dia! With its big waves and bright rays, Lisbon is the perfect marriage of city and sea. Made with breathable fabric, this dress is perfect for wandering the city, comfortable for the beach, and chic enough for dinner. And as always, do not forget your sun hat!


This might be the new Mediterranean uniform. With chic stripes and a flowy yet form-fitting design, this outfit can be worn comfortably all day. It’s also a versatile travel ensemble, as you can wear it as a set or mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe.


Mahalo. I could see this outfit working anywhere, whether it’s a beach or a garden. It’s fun yet not too casual. Once again, it’s a versatile look that is easy to mix and match.


Take the romper, leave the cannoli. Welcome to the streets of Sicily, where the sun is hot and the outfits are of the highest tier. You’ll spend your days shopping in Noto and watching the sunset from the beach in Taormina. While it is a beach region, you’ll need to step up your game to blend in with the locals who effortlessly embody style.

Istanbul, not Constantinople

This showstopper of a skirt will help you blend in with the wonderful tapestries and vibrant colors of the region. Its length makes it more suitable for a dinner or an activity that doesn’t involve a lot of trekking around.


This sophisticated and fun city allows you to take risks and have fun. While Tokyo may appear casual at first glance, the fashion scene is fashion-forward, meticulous, and incredibly well-tailored.

Roman Holiday

Eat your heart out, Audrey Hepburn. Wear this dress while riding on the back of a Vespa, sipping an afternoon espresso, or for a late-night white and pasta feast.

Need help styling or packing for your next trip? Give ALG Style a call!

Aimée Gowland
ALG Style
(504) 237-1104

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