Top 5 Videos of 2017

New Year, New US! 2017 saw some of the great things you have grown to expect from ALG Style. We also ventured into some new arenas that while different at first, turned into something quite fun. One of our favorite parts of 2017 was getting into the #video content game. We’ve come a long way in our ‘production’ and have some great new content lined up for 2018 as well as maybe a great new way to watch all these videos (new website…maybe?? who knows?? stay tuned!!If you’re reading this, you’re on our new website and now know the secret is our new website.). Either way, we thought it would be fun to share our Top 5 Videos from 2017

#1: White Linen Night

You know what is always funny? A bucket of water dumped on someone’s head. It was a rainy day in August and we were simply trying to think of a ‘cute’ little post to do for White Linen Night and we though what if we have Aime’e get dousted by a bucket of water while wearing white linen. Add some graphics and BOOM post.

# 2: Corrie Buying Champagne

Nothing beats July in New Orleans! And by nothing we mean absolutely everything. We shot a couple of promos for the ‘It’s Hot, Let’s Pop’ party at Pearl Wine. Corrie’s dead pan unimpressed demeanor + the awkward ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ music were a match made in heaven. The video/editing quality was definitely not our best by a long shot, but the content was just so rich

#3: It’s Cold Outside

Sometimes all you need is a pair of sunglasses and a heavy New Orleans accent. This video is filled with gems, but Aime’e steals the cake with ‘It’s Cold Outside!’

#4: Underwear Rules

We must have really struck a nerve with people, because this was our most watched video of the year. We are glad to know that all you ladies (and men) understand the importance of wearing underwear.

#5: Not Today!

No, Joe! Not to-day! To this day, we still have family and friends hounding us with the ‘not to-day’ sound bite. One of our most effective slogans encourages people to not do something. Maybe we should work on our messaging in 2018…Nonetheless, a fun off the cuff video that just worked.

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