Swimwear 2023

It’s the middle of July, so there’s no better time than now to discuss the top swimwear looks for 2023. Fortunately (and unfortunately) for Louisiana and the rest of the southeast, you can rock these pool and beach looks well into September. I sat down with Malik Mingo on Great Day Louisiana to discuss the do’s and don’ts of swimwear for 2023.

Barbie Pool Party

Welcome to 2023 where SOB stands for Summer of Barbie (not sure what else is could be??). Besides your timeline, the pool and beach will be flooded with hot hot pink swimsuits. My thoughts? I love whenever fashion and dress up come together. Ok, Barbie, let’s go party!


This is your grandma’s crochet, but good news it’s not grandma in a crochet swimsuit. I love crochet for cover ups- it’s breathable while also offering some weighted texture to your look.


Vanna White must be so proud. One-piece swimsuits have been back for some time now, but this year we are adding in more cutouts to these one pieces…it’s almost like these one pieces will be cut out into two pieces and that would be a bikini? That is a question for another day. 2023 = one piece cut outs.

Bright Colors

Ken can have fun too! Staying on trend with Barbie this summer, men’s swimsuits are going bold with brighter hues. It doesn’t have to be pink, just another color that p-o-p-s POPS.


For the billionth summer in a row, leathery skin is out. Always wear sunscreen. And this year, take it up a notch with SPF clothing. This can include t-shirts, hats, and even swimsuits themselves.

Special thanks to Halo Boutique and Iron Horse for outfitting us!

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