Summer Sales Series DEALS

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The Summer Sales Series (Thursday, August 6th) is almost HERE! Since we can’t wait until Thursday, we thought we would announce all the AMAZING deals that will be there! What we love most about these deals is the mix of highly discounted past seasons along with discounts on NEW inventory! SO whether you are looking to snag an amazing discount OR need something new for fall…the Summer Sales Series has you covered!

The Vendors

MoveMe Activewear

New to the Summer Sales Series, but a vendor we have been eyeing for a LONG TIME. MoveMe is a New Orleans based activewear company that makes world class athleisure! And now even better news…everything they have is 50% Off!

Wicks Nola

Last event Wicks NOLA nearly sold out of everything! And this time they are bringing their same amazing candles and outstanding deals…$5 Off all candles. That is over 25% Off!


Bella Gifts to Geaux

Bracelets starting at only $5!!! Necklaces and face masks also starting at only $10!!!

Golden Lily

Earrings starting at JUST $10 + new inventory is all 10% Off!

Hazel Lane

Up to 50% OFF + they will have a $10 box and a $15 rack. Last event Hazel Lane sold A LOT. We mean A LOT A LOT! Don’t be foolish and miss Hazel Lane this go around…

NOLA a la Mode

Can you say unique and fabulous?! Because that’s what Nola a la Mode is! Self describe pop-art fashion they make incredible high-end inspired kimonos and tops. All of it will be 25% off. PLUS…they are giving away these awesome Chanel inspired kimono to one lucky shopper. Will it be you? Buy a ticket and it just might!

La Boujee Boutique

Summer Sale Series and Warehouse Sale’s champions, La Boujee is BACK! Everything they have will be $20 – $89. And little insider tip, they tend to offer even better deals than advertised!

BitLu Boutique

BitLu is back and it feels so good! Everything they have will be under $50!! And some of it even starts as low as $5. How is that possible?! The Summer Sales Series, that’s how!

Get Your Tickets here!

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