Sorority Rush 2023

Are you ready? Rush is all about making a memorable first impression, and ALG Style is here to help you present your best self. We specialize in personalized styling guidance tailored for each day of rush. From ice water all the way to preference, we’ll curate outfits that showcase your unique style while adhering to dress codes. Let us empower you to leave a lasting impact and find the perfect sorority match.

Check out some of the rush outfits we put together at Pronto:


Ice Water


Put your best foot forward with a look that is sophisticated and fun.




These dresses are chic and functional. It will be ridiculously hot outside and the girls need to walk from house to house possibly over two day period. These are also pieces that you can use over and over in your monthly wardrobe.




Philanthropy gives the potential members/rushees all matching T-shirts, sometimes for the whole week or perhaps just on philanthropy days where they will go from house to house learning about the philanthropic endeavors of each sorority.




Typically you would wear some thing you might wear to a family wedding. Also bear in mind that it is ridiculously warm and you may be required to walk to several houses.


Need help with your wardrobe in 2023?? Give ALG Style a call!

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ALG Style
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