Saints Fashion: Look better than they play

We originally filmed this segment on Great Day Louisiana before the first game kicked off. At the time the promise of a new coach and a healthy Jameis sparkled like a fresh Honeycrisp apple…that was then. While the Saints might not look their best, YOU certainly can when you cheer them on at the dome (or most likely at home or a bar).

White Boots

Yes, it is passed labor day (I can’t wait for that saying to go away), but when styled properly white boots are the perfect foundation for a fun ‘sports’ look.

Clear Bags

Apparently a well dressed woman is a threat, so the NFL has demanded once again that we bring clear bags to games. Do not fear, there are plenty of local boutiques (this one is from Trendz) to keep you up to protocol for the fall.

Hedge Your Bet

Fun fact- this seasons print is ‘Tiger’ which works well for LSU. It also works if you want to buy one outfit for two teams that may have you pulling your hair out. Easy, versatile and full of style.

My Feet Hurt!

If you would like to disregard the white boot trend above, please pass go and collect a pair of fashion forward sneakers. They come in many fun colors (most notably gold) and make it easier to trek to a tailgate, stadium and a sprint to the parking lot in the 3rd quarter while your team is down 20 points with no sign of victory.

Special thanks to Bluberrie Boutique for outfitting this segment.

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