Real Life Red Carpet: Summer Madness

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My ice cream is melting. This heat is sweltering. With weather like this there are only two things you should be doing- getting out of town or jumping into some water! I recently had the chance to sit down in studio for Great Day Louisiana to chat swimwear as well as packing tips and the perfect travel outfits. Let’s have a look!

She wore an…

Swimwear fashion 2022

OUT: showing up to the pool in a bikini/jean shorts and flip flops.

IN: Gracing the pool in a bikini with a flowy coverup. Yes you can still have fun and show off what you’re working with, but today’s swimwear is more than just swimwear it’s full on fashion. Even better, you can leave for the day and have a wardrobe that lets you dip your toes and grab a casual dinner along the boardwalk.

Check out our full swimwear segment on Good Day Louisiana with a full breakdown for the little ones to mama’s and everyone in between. Wardrobe (and spray tan!) generously provided by rel=”noopener”>HALO Bikini’s!

HELP ME: I don’t know what to pack!

I cannot tell you how many clients call me panicked and furious as they attempt to pack for upcoming trips. Rightfully so. Packing a suitcase is a self-reckoning for ones closet. It’s the moment we realize that we actually only have 3 outfits and none of them are suited for our next trip. Ok, count back from 5 and take a deep breathe. You actually have more than you need to plan a perfect vacation wardrobe and you can do it without needing an elephant to stand on your suitcase to zip it shut!

Here’s how: Before packing, first look up the temperature and terrain of your destination. Before you get over the top, pack the appropriate footwear for every possible scenario (tennis, walking on the beach, fancy dinner, hiking, go-go dancing…). Once you have pair picked out, go over it again and ask ‘can any of these shoes be used for multiple scenarios?’ If so, keep those, scrap the less versatile (unless they’re Gucci. You can never have or pack enough Gucci).

Special thanks to our models: Tracey Wiley, her daughter and Wiley!

Next- pack everything as a full outfit. It will better help you visualize what is happening and you won’t feel as lost. Yet again, pack outfits that can be worn with multiple items (a two piece jumper that can be swapped out for a white t, etc.)

Lastly, pack light, wear heavy. To save room in your suitcase wear your biggest shoes and your layering pieces in the car or on the plane. You won’t be too hot or cold while traveling AND your suitcase won’t be filled to the gills.

For more packing and travel fashion tips check out my segment on Good Day Louisiana! Wardrobe (and spray tan!) generously provided by Shop Pronto!

Signing off from the Real Life Red Carpet. Stay cool, look hot! And as always, if you need someone to help you look your absolute best give ALG Style a call!

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