Real Life Red Carpet September 2021

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Fall, Fashion and

While I still have trash in my garbage can from August, the calendar says it is officially Fall. And with the ‘end’ of Summer comes my favorite fashion time of the year! Temperatures still might read in the 80’s, but it is never too soon to start planning for that crisp cool fall outfit. As much as we yearn for cooler weather in New Orleans, every year I have clients reach out to me and say: ‘ummm, what do I wear in the cold again?’

The traditional seasonal solids will always play well in the chillier months, but this go around Fall is introducing a pop of color and pattern! Think hot summer fun, but with cold day knits and texture.

And if you are still clueless on that above paragraph…then give ALG Style a call! We are happy to style you for all your fall fashion needs. Seriously! Call me. Let’s get your Fall wardrobe in check!


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Speaking of of hot fun summer, I would be remissed if we did not chat all the red carpet gander and slander from the last couple of weeks. Without further adieu…the looks!

The 2021 Met Gala was met with much excitement and anticipation, at least in my world, yet left me with a copious amount of WHAT THE Fashion?!

The theme this year was In America: A lexicon of fashion, however it should have been, In American: Meh, we tried.

I had a difficult time finding anything that was actually fashion much less anything American.

Many of the looks reminded me a of a ladies costume lunch in New Orleans around Halloween or Mardi Gras Several came 90% naked and attire slightly resembled a dress, in actuality the guests were just incredibly beautiful and super fit; being hot and wearing mesh is not remotely fashion. Countless showed up in outlandish attire, note the horse head women and green baby, or looked like they were dementors, Kim Kardashian, and many just wore oversized fancy bed quilts. Again not fashion, simply being absurd and attention seeking.

I was very confused and disappointed in the overall night but it did provide lots of laughter.

The anthesis of the Met debacle was the 2021 Emmys Red carpet. Guest were bold yet tasteful, full of color , life and fashion glamour. A small Hollywood gathering due to Covid protocols but packed with dapper men and gorgeous gowns.

Favorites of the evening:

Hannah Waddington in Christian Siriano – Total screen goddess

Yara Shahidi – Dior – Green with Envy


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Yellow but not Mellow –

Michaela Coel – Christopher John Rogers – Highlighter yellow two piece with matching shoes and eyeliner


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Anya Taylor Joy – Dior – with her Super Hero Cape – or a snuggie, she is cold and needs carbs


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Kaley Cuoco – Vera Wang – Construction Worker is missing a vest somewhere


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Emma Louise Corrin – Mui Mui – Might be going on a swimming excursion circa 1940, also explain the evil fingernails


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Jason Sedeikis – Tom Ford – Blue velvet tuxedo


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Samira Wiley – Genny suit – How about that fade?


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Signing off from the Real-Life Red Carpet…

With style and grace,

Aimée Gowland

ALG Style


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