Real Life Red Carpet October 2020

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And without further adieu…the very first Real-Life Red Carpet!

October 2020

Boo to You!

The month of October has always been my favorite month of the year. This year I will not allow the world’s current situation to change that. No one can cancel “fun” and there will not be a phase or a restriction that will forbid you from costuming. I strongly encourage you to dress up, scare the heck out of some folks, and over dose on mini-reeses.

My obsession with fashion stems from my excitement and anticipation for costuming at Halloween. As children, my brother and I would have our decision made on our Halloween outfit by October 1st to allow my mother ample time to make our costumes. Our costumes were never store bought and they were amazing down to the last detail. We also never “repeated” a costume, it could be tweaked into something else, but never worn exactly the same twice. The same can be said on how to style an outfit, always switch up the shoes or accessories, never duplicate the ensemble exactly.

Costumes allow you to transform yourself into the wicked, heroic or divine. The same can be said about your clothing every time you get dressed. What we wear subliminally states who we are and how we feel. Sometimes we reach for an all black outfit because it is safe and easy or perhaps a bold bright jacket because we want to command attention. Clothing empowers and transforms us; we stand taller in a well -tailored suit and certain shoes can make us feel sexier or want to kick some booty.

As a stylist and image consultant, I assist in bringing out your inner super hero.

Local Businesses Need Your Love

Join ALG and all the best of small business holiday shopping on November 8th starting at 10 AM until 3 PM at The Cannery. This holiday season we are making it easy peasy to support local businesses. Come shop for all your friends, co-workers, teachers and family members in one beautiful location.

This year has been particularly challenging for all of us. Here is an opportunity to have a fabulous day and enjoy all the fantastic goodies your local neighborhood retailers have to offer. When you support local you give a small business a little hug.

Get your tickets for VIP Hour or for general admission beginning at 11 AM. Champagne, cocktails and cookies are available for purchase AND if you have been good this year, Santa might show up.

Get Your Holiday VIP Tickets here!

Signing off from the Real-Life Red Carpet…

With style and grace,

Aime’e Gowland

ALG Style



Halloween costumes from years past

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