R.I.P. Kate Spade

I just heard the news about Kate Spade, and am devastated. To me, and it feels like many other women, Kate Spade was not just a bag or a pair of shoes, but a right of passage into adulthood. A Kate Spade bag represented growing up and being independent. I remember buying the very first little Kate Spade Black bag with the gingham check inside. I was so excited, it was my first designer bag I ever purchased in New York City. It was teeny tiny, but it was fantastic. It was also knocked off Everywhere up and down Canal Street in Chinatown. I was so bummed out, because I saved my money and I had the real thing! I even bought the little black slides to match. Yet again, excited and bummed a great microcosm for being an adult. Kate Spade is and was glamorous, yet realistic.

18 years ago.. My girlfriends and I would stand outside for the once a year Kate Spade sample sale. I think everyone in my family on Christmas went home with a make up bag and stationary

That Little black bag today is filled with a heavy heart and very happy and stylish memories.

As a fan, fashion professional and woman, I can say that this world will truly miss the strong, independent, pragmatic and hard working Kate Spade.

Further, details are coming out about the cause of her death. I hope them not be true, either way it is tragic. Take some time today to say hi to someone and truly listen to what they have to say and how they feel.

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