The Power of No

No, nope, no thank you, and not interested… It took me almost 10 years but I have learned to giggle when faced with rejection. It requires every ounce of self-control not exclaim in my best Lil’ Jon and DJ Snake voice “TURNED DOWN FO WHAT?!”  However, in these frustrating moments this barely 5’2, middle-aged small business owner, and mother of twin girls, I do my best, I stress the words, “do my best” to remain poised and polished. I now harness the denials and go forth. Mostly, the conversation in my head goes, “Well silly, that did not go at all as planned, you might need to try something different.”  

ALG Style is 10 years old and our Warehouse Sale is approaching its 15th sale.  We started out as personal stylists and image consultants and continue to grow that aspect of the brand. It has not been easy, nor pretty, but I dare say it has been worth it. ALG has clients and companies that rely on us to showcase them in their best light and trust our opinions that we will make them look their best every day. Thank you to those individuals, you said “yes” to ALG Style, we look forward to helping you stay sharp for the next 10 plus years.

ALG relies on local small business to assist us in getting our job done.  The Warehouse Sale by ALG Style is just a small snippet of the local business and boutiques that make ALG successful. We are better because of them. These local small business owners are up against an expanding online and Social media retail market. They are struggling with an over-saturated boutique market, inflated rents, and the perils of the slow summer season. New Orleans is not kind to local retail, it is this reason among others that ALG Style does everything it its capacity to promote and utilize small local businesses. The Warehouse Sale started, and has grown exponentially, as a showcase of all the joys and happiness local retailers have to offer.

We say “yes” to these small business owners and they continue to say “yes” to ALG Style and being part of The Warehouse Sale.  Thank you, clients, customers, vendors, and followers, for building something unique and positive.

With style and grace,
ALG Style


P.S. Next time you get rejected or turns you down just give this a listen…

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