Mardi Gras Parade Fashion

When did Mardi Gras parades turn into a runway? It’s the year 2023 and while the oversized rugby is still quite common, we are starting to see a little more fashion on the routes. Not sure where to start with your Mardi Gras wardrobe? I jumped on Great Day Louisiana to discuss some ways to look fun, fashionable and functional on the parade route.


1.) Boots!

They add the perfect amount of flair and can be used to fight off the Mardi Gras mud and debris floating around on the avenue. Spring for something that can take a beating/is waterproof.  Pro tip- shoe cleaner is a must. Pro pro tip- the $500 Frye boots might not be as sparkly come Ash Wednesday.

2.) Mardi Gras-esque tones

Purple, green and gold. Purple green and gold. Purple green and gold. This color has been tattooed into the brains of every Louisianan since the moment they came out the womb eating crawfish and chanting Who Dat! Yes, they are the traditional Mardi Gras colors, but do not take it literally. Have some fun this season and use some lighter tones to make it a little more fun and less aggressive.

3.) Accessories are an outfits best friend

If you have ever asked yourself: ‘is this too much?’ then that is the outfit to wear for Mardi Gras. Take your most daring accessories and stack them on. You won’t feel guilty for having a closet full of feather earrings when you can wear them all Mardi Gras long.

4.) Hats

Everyone loves a good hat. Mardi Gras = Hat Season. Just don’t loose said hat. Mardi Gras is a sink hole for keys, phones and hats.

Need help with your wardrobe in 2023??

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