TRX in Heels

Tuesday morning, wake up. Get out of bed. Put on red cocktail dress. Strap on high heels. Andddd go do a full TRX class at M Fit Studio.

Did we think #NoSweatsGetDressed would start a fashion fitness craze? No. Do you enjoy it? Very much so.

Even cooler is M Fit Studio’s Straight Outta Excuses and Big Easy Dry out campaign they are running this month (Click here for details). Help raise money for charity and getting into shape.


And for anyone that is wondering how this all started, check out the video below:


How to enter:

Simply post a picture of yourself on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #NoSweatsGetDressed

Like and Follow ALG Style on Facebook or Instagram

Tag ALG Style in the photo

Tag a friend that you want to join you in the #NoSweatsGetDressed journey

The more you post the better chances are of winning

Help ALG Style and America end this plague of sloppiness. We think you are beautiful, let’s show you off.


(stores/vendors are adding new prizes daily!)

LUKKA New Orleans: $100 Gift Certificate
Hazel Lane: $30 Gift Certificate
NOLA Boo: $50 Gift Certificate
Bijoux by Bonnet: $40 Gift Certificate
Andrea’s Vinyl: Champagne Glasses
Native Polish: 3 Pack (pictured below) featuring Love Y’all, Ya-Ya Nights and TRIed & True for the NOLA Tricentennial
MDK Apparel 
VITA by Italy Direct: Gift Card
New Orleans Fashion Week (NOFW):TWO TICKETSTto Kick Off Party NOFW Monday March 19th. TWO TICKETS to Beauty at The Ritz. TWO TICKETS to Top Design Competition.

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