Well folks I have just received word from the mothership, AKA The Mercedes-Benz Super Dome, and apparently yours truly was on the Jumbotron during the 4th quarter of tonight’s Saints game. Thus, I’M FAMOUS!

Last week I drafted a Fantasy Football team, this week I’m on the jumbotron at the Super Dome, next week…a place on the 53 man roster?!?! Feels likely.

Here’s how it all went down…I was casually watching the Saints and was absolutely disgusted when they lost!


J/K! I wasn’t wearing my glasses and couldn’t see that it was the end of the 3rd quarter and not the 4th…we’re back in it baby!

With a renewed confidence that the Saints did not lose and were actually winning, I was ready to go. Then BOOM! I must have gotten 10 text messages in a matter of minutes. Typically when this happens it’s because I have forgotten to pick up a child from school and/or my dog has gone to the restroom in my living room. However, tonight was different…I was on the freakin JUMBO TRON!

My immediate reaction was, do they have a secret camera on me? When did I consent to this? How? Then the text’s rolled in with some clarity and it was this pic that did it (see below):


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A photoshoot I did with Scott Simon (he’s the best and you should follow him on IG immediately) wearing this hot red dress from Chatta Box Metairie and of course…shrimpin’ boots!

Apparently the photo was used for a Zatarains segment where they depict the opposing fans fashions vs. saints fans fashion…see below (note, I am yet yo get my hands on the actual picture from the dome, but you get the idea):

Thus…I’m famous!

And now that I am famous I believe it is appropriate to start making outrageous demands, namely…how did Zatarin’s get my picture? How come Scott Simon wasn’t credited for the pic? When is my check for 1 million dollars coming in the mail? Or will it be via Venmo?

I’m famous and this will last forever. Who dat…I Dat…


Famous Aimée


Real Aimée here, while I see this Jumbo Tron fame is putting me on the fast track for early retirement, I would be wise to inform people that I am here to help you with your Fall Wardrobe! That’s right, from closet clean outs, wardrobe make overs, personal shopping, image consulting, I am here to help!

Need help transitioning your wardrobe from Summer to Fall?? Give ALG Style a Call! (504) 237-1104 OR Email: agowland@algstyle.com!

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