Hurricane Barry Fashion Awards

Now that Barry is gone and all is well, it’s time to focus on what matters the most. Government Officials Hurricane Fashion! Over the course of the weekend we were cooped up, but more importantly WOW’d by the absolutely stunning fashion blazoned across our television sets. For that, we must award and celebrate. So without further adieu our first award…

(Opens damp humidity drenched envelope)

When the tough gets going, the chest starts SHOWING! The streets of New Orleans are officially flooded, with this man’s chest hair. Well done and congratulations.

(This was a VERY competitive category. VERY.)

Oh it’s time to go on tv? Let me just pile through this closet of beige and navy and pick out my best embroidered over sized golf shirt. This shirt is the champion of covering everything: 1.) collar 2.) it’s fashion but it’s also a sport I’m really bad at 3.) my job is on it. Any other questions??

(Who will take top bill in this category??)

A real HAT TIP to Helena Moreno on this one. It’s raining cats and dogs in the studio outside, so what better way to communicate the inclement weather than wearing an oversized trucker hat while inside. Barry could strike at any moment, but Helena Moreno’s hair is not taking any chances. High and dry.

(These next couple of categories are for the top dawgs. Week styled individuals need not apply)

Oh Billy! You stylish fellow you! Did you have every intention of being outside and running around in rain boots? Yes! Did that stop you from putting on the finest short sleeve button shirt money has to buy? Absolutely not! While others might do something foolish like wear athletic gear and t-shirts while trudging around in tropical storms, Bill is out here looking like Anna Wintour at Milan Fashion Week. Blue steel feels!

(The judges had A LOT of competition and testy nominees for this award, but there is only one person truly worthy…)

The man, the myth and the ABSOLUTE legend Jim Cantore. This man came to New Orleans to do 3 things: chew bubble gum, flex and chase storms. And guess what…he’s all about of bubble gum.


And that concludes this years Hurricane Tropical Storm Barry Fashion Awards! A special thank you to the city government, local news and polo shirt manufacturers. Without you, none of this is possible!

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