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“I hate my closet. It’s overflowing with clothes and I never have anything to wear.” That is a common complaint from our clients as well as for myself. Over the years, we find ways to fill up our homes with dazzling and eye catching pieces that look beautiful on the mannequin, but have yet to see the light of day in months; or even better still have tags and are in the original bags from the store. So before you go to The Warehouse Sale Sunday August 26th at The Cannery from 10AM – 4PM, here’s what you need to do…

Enter SWAP. SWAP is a designer consignment store that helps you do two things: 1.) Purge your closet of gently loved items and 2.) Get you paid. And  3.) a fabulous place to shop for designer goods once you have purged your closet and made some extra money.

How Do I Consign?

It’s a VERY easy process. Log onto their website and schedule an appointment (CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT). Then come appointment time, bring all of the lovely items you would like to consign. And if your schedule is too crazy, do not fear! SWAP has ‘No Appointment Tuesday’ for the always on the go consigner!

What Clothes Should I Consign?

Think seasonal. While SWAP is always looking for great pieces, it is best to sell items that match trends or the weather. For instance, I have this BEAUTIFUL chunky sweater in need of a new home, but it will not be necessary until late October or November. It will take longer for that sweater to sell and will more than likely net me less. However, I have a great sun dress that will easily sell right now and get top dollar.

Still not sure on what to bring? Then bring it all and the wonderful ladies at SWAP will help guide you!

How Do I Get Paid?

Great question and it’s easy peasy! For every item sold, you get 40% of the sale price. If it sells for $100, you get $40. Bam! But wait there’s more! SWAP offers 50% for store credit. And wait, there’s even more…for high end designers (think couture level brands) SWAP offers up to 70% paid to you!

This sounds amazing…what do I do next??

Another great question! Visit to set up an appointment, email SWAP or visit one of their 3 locations in New Orleans and Baton Rouge!

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