Grammys Best Dressed

Thanks to everyone that followed along on our Insta story tonight. Another big thanks to the lovely Amanda Shaw for talking all things fashion and music with us. We have multiple recap videos coming tomorrow, BUT we wanted to give you our raw thoughts on tonights Grammy’s Fashion.

Best Dressed

Lana Del Rey

The look just flows. She has a halo and indeed looks like a goddess.

Chrissy Teigen

She looks stunning. We would most importantly like to remind you that this woman is pregnant.

Lady Gaga

Her red carpet dress was exagerated and fabulous. Absolutely love the lace and her legs sticking out. Many people try to be this dramatic and fabulous and a lot fail. Lady Gaga did not. She has come a long way since wearing a meat dress.

And if the Red Carpet look wasn’t enough, Lady Gaga’s performance put it over the top. She looked like a legitimate cloud. Even her piano looked beautiful.


Baby! Baby! Baby! (she’s not pregnant, we’re just singing her favorite lyrics). Ashanti is back and in a major way. Gold on top and beautifully lined black underneath.

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