A Gift Guide for the Crazies in Your Life

My little world sometimes mimics a situational comedy. Somedays its “Friends” and “I Love Lucy” others “Stranger Things” and “Game of Thrones.”  I could not make up shenanigans I find myself in or the folks I am lucky or not so lucky to be surrounded by every day. Yet in all honesty, this holiday season, I am blessed to have each of these people in my life and happy to honor these characters with a token of gratitude and appreciation. My Gift Guide for the Crazies in Your Life (real & the faux ones in my head):

The Inappropriate Uncle:

Something to keep his mouth occupied – Homemade beef jerky from Chris’ Meats


The Cougar Aunt:

Cheetah Print Coat from Swoon and a membership to Roux Fitness


Somebody’s Wife #3:

A gift card for Maiya.


Your Gay BFF:

He is so extra- Custom loafers from Luca Falcone


The BFF who knows every dirty little secret:

(Above: Monomin silk pajamas)

Silk PJs from Monomin, a faux fur from Em’s, and Alexis Bittar jewels from Angelique (she gets everything, EVERYTHING).


The baby sitter that ALSO knows all your dirty secrets and recently watched you climb through the front window:

Pay her off in cash then give her more cash with a gift card to Wyman Studio or Bleu Blow Dry Bar


The teacher that does not give your kids homework on the weekend:

Spa packages from Chronos Body Health & Wellness and..

whimsical ornaments from Peony.


The teacher that GIVES homework on the weekends:

A box of coal and re-gift a candle


The Soul Mate:

Save your pennies (stop buying expensive shoes) and take him to The Edition in Miami and hook him up with gear from all his hobbies New Orleans Running Company, Webb’s Bywater Music, Humidity Skate, Herb Imports, Massey’s Outfitters, Guitar Center


Your side piece:

Really good Bourbon from Ragged Branch and tickets to Regis “Rougarou” Prograis’ next fight.


The unexpected but welcomed guest:

“Naughty and Nice” champagne glasses from Andrea’s Vinyl with champagne from Pearl, and…

some fun napkins and hand towels from Nola Boo


The unexpected not welcome guest:

The box of half eaten cookies your significant other brought home from the office and the Poinsettia or orchid from Relish on Metairie Road that your mother-in-law dropped off seconds before.

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