Easter Sunday Fashion

It’s coming…a barrage of poorly paired pastels and cheap fabrics with a little bit of egg dye coloring sprinkled on top…it’s Easter Fashion. And while your ‘fun’ aunt might throw on every single color combination possible and call is classy, we have some fashion tips that will help you stand out for the right reasons this Sunday. We went on WWLTV this morning and chatted with Leslie Spoon for the do’s and don’ts of Easter Fashion. SPOILER ALERT- we love headpieces…

Side note- headpieces are great if you had a long night and want to cover up your face ‘elegantly’ the next day.

Clothing provide by ChattaBox Metairie

Headpieces by my lovely mother-in-law Miss Connie and my friend Taylor Spectorsky

The Looks

Heidi’s look is sophisticated, but still embraces her great figure. The color is rich, has easter tones, but is not completely ra-ra and could easily be worn any other time of year. The headpiece is fun with the bird cage over the eyes, but still very holiday appropriate.

Tracey Wiley is ready for Sunday Services in this look, but can go right to the parades in this look. While the initial appearance is definitely formal, the jacket can easily be dressed down and worn with skinny jeans. Her headpiece is a little more subtle, but has an elegant pop of color. This look is shades of Madonna and we love it.

Helena Kocklanes is wearing a floral pattern skirt which is obviously a classic Easter homage, but will also be a VERY popular print this spring. We love the color story by playing on the blue from the skirt and using it in the top. Yet again, we can dress the pieces down in this outfit, just add on a white t-shirt to the skirt and you are ready for a fun and casual night out. Her headpiece is F-U-N FUN! Helena is younger so it’s easier to take a risk like this. She literally has little birds in a bird cage in her headpiece.

I , Aimée, am wearing a high wasted skirt and a top that is probably not Easter appropriate. Her headpiece covers the majority of her head and face…quit honestly it was my birthday yesterday and I just wanted to have some fun! Besides, this segment was about the models, not me!

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