Denim Trends

It has been over a decade since we re-embraced the skinny jean. It’s time to move on…sort of. Check out my segment on Great Day Louisiana where I discuss the future of denim.

Keep 2

You don’t have to get rid of all your skinny jeans, but you do have to reduce. I recommend keeping a pair of light and dark wash. Skinny jeans will always pair well and fit easily with boots (think mountains and Mardi Gras).

Dark denim

You can get away wearing these at most occasions. Due to the hue it can be beautifully confused for a more formal pant while still having the comfort. For women I love a flair to it, it can accommodate most shoes and booties.

Straight leg loose

Just because we are stepping away from skinny jeans, does not mean we can’t keep some gentle form. A proper straight leg denim can still compliment your body while giving it a little room to breathe.

Cropped flair

It’s both form fitting and gives you the right amount of height. I’ve seen it work for my taller clients and little itty bitty barely 5′ 2″ me.

How many pairs?

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can take years…and now you want me to get rid of them? Nope! Not at all, but we can pair them down. If you are wearing denim 4 – 5 days a week having 10 pairs of jeans is a good number. I have had clients that have had 72 pairs of jeans at one point. Unless you run a dude ranch or are Bruce Springsteen 72 might be too many.

Special thanks to Em’s Boutique for outfitting this segment.

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