Hot Mommas and Cool Babes

From the ALG Style archives – originally posted May 1st, 2017 in New Orleans Magazine

A new boutique on Freret Street offers chic and stylish wardrobe staples.

We blame much of who we are on genetics. We are quick to point the finger at our mothers for many of our negative and positive qualities. Momma might have given you good hair but a bad temper. Maybe you inherited her birthing hips yet you also got her sharp wit. Perhaps you have mom’s determination and stubbornness but also her great shoulders. Who and what we are can be attributed to the genes from mommy dearest. Yet even more than DNA, our earliest style influencers were our mothers and the people we most often credit for our sense of style. As women, the way you dress, carry yourself in public and perhaps even your uncanny ability to accessorize, you learned from observing your mother and her mother. No doubt trends and silhouettes vary from generation to generation, but great style is something you are born with — and fashion is something you create. So when someone states you have a great sense of style, be sure to thank your mother.

Rock a Bye Babe
Jessica “Jessy” Jacobs must have had a wicked cool momma. Owner of the very first boutique shop on Freret Street, Babe, Jessy has an inventory that would be the IT Girls’ must-have-it list. Her boutique is the ideal spot for any and every babe. In between her traveling trunk shows and busy days helping chic savvy shoppers of multi generations, we had a chance to chat it up with this posh shop owner.

ALG: Tell us a bit about how Babe was conceived.

Jacobs: After living in Aspen and working in retail for four and a half years, I felt it was time to move home to New Orleans and open my own store. I have been fortunate to work for independent, hard-working, awesome women who encouraged me to spread my wings and follow my dreams. I really enjoy making people feel good in their attire. The right outfit can change your mood. The word “babe” brings to mind laid-back, personable and stylish gals. These are the Babe girls.

ALG: Freret Street is so hot right now. How did you come to choose this location versus somewhere on an obvious thoroughfare like Magazine Street or Metairie Road?

Jacobs: I have been wanting to be on Freret Street for years, and I did not want to settle on another spot. Freret Street is lively and fun, with amazing restaurants, salons and spas. I saw an opportunity for retail and jumped on it. I was able to build my spot from scratch exactly how I wanted it, and I have a 22-car parking lot behind the building.
ALG: What is the Babe girl’s style and your go-to essentials?

Jacobs: The Babe girls are confident and easygoing. There are pieces for every age and every occasion. I, personally, like to be laid back during the day, and, at night, I like fun tops and dresses. I am constantly running around and I need to be comfortable. My go-to pieces are Spiritual Gangster tanks, Michael Lauren tops and pants, and Amanda Uprichard blouses. I also love the Ramy Brook Paris dress. It is ideal to throw on and very flattering.

We are overjoyed to have Babe on the newest see-and-be-seen shopping street in New Orleans, and Jacobs is a welcomed addition to the local boutique market. Happy shopping, babes!

–Aimée Gowland and Corrie Pellerin, ALG Style

5007 Freret St.
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 265-0432

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