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The most emotionally distressing styling job to date has been trying to shop for my barely teenage daughters. I honestly can give them the highest ranking of the “most difficult to please” client. My twin’s sentiments towards personal style and fashion comes from years of watching me, and I am embarrassed to admit, I am part of the problem. I am stylist, I have high standards about what clothing should be and look like on every individual. The girls have watched me meticulously dress clients and critique every ensemble ever. My children have strong and distinct personalities; they have clear ideas in their heads about what they believe their personal style should be despite my professional advice. My mission is for every man, woman, child, in any budget, of any creed, is to look and feel amazing. I want this more than ever for my young daughters and breaks my heart and has brought me to tears (them too) that I cannot find appropriate clothing that they adore.

The early and pre-teenage years are frustrating, little ladies start to develop a sense a self and style but also have figures that are growing in new and interesting ways. A young girl’s body is not quite ready for women’s dress sizes and most young ladies do not want to wear anything that’s being touted as “big girls” or “juniors.” Unfortunately, options at most retailers, are over grown Toddlers and Tiaras or a miniature version of any Real Housewife ever. It’s ridiculous and tasteful clothing to meet this demographic is difficult to find.

The Fashion Super Heroes

With nine years of pre-teenage angst experience, BKids is truly blessing for frustrated parents trying to please their style savvy children. BKids opened their first location in Baton Rouge in 2010 and soon expanded to Old Metairie in 2012, Magazine Street in 2014 and have franchised BKids into locations in Fort Worth, Texas and Birmingham, Alabama. The owners, Lynda Hornsby, Terry Mann and Christin Weilbacher are extremely busy women. Not only have they managed to own and operate the Baton Rouge and the new Metairie location, it should be noted that they are also sisters, best friends and mothers.

“When our oldest sister, Christin had a baby we noticed that there was a lack of trendy kids stores,” states Lynda. “We were not really onto traditional kid’s clothes, we did some research and found a niche.” The Bkids customers are spread out over multiple generations. From sassy toddlers, hip mothers, fun grandparents and shy tweens trying to find their style; BKids keeps their customers neat and chic. Having children of their own aids in being sympathetic to what a child looks for in an outfit but also helps the owners empathize with parent’s concerns. The staff at BKids are keen about knowing and addressing the consumer. “We like to think our customer is the tween,” explains Lynda, “we help them shop.” The Bkids’ staff can be the voice of reason between child and parent; they take the shopping pressure off of the parents. They recognize that this new chapter is a struggle and they want the child to feel comfortable, relaxed and excited about their clothing. Lynda, Christin, Terryn and Terry embrace the opinions of their young clients; they want their customers to leave with items they love versus something that sits in their closet with the tags still intact. Kids are encouraged to take a lap around the store and pick up things they love. Clothing is an extension of your personality and from the items the child chooses, the staff can then build a complete outfit.

Always on and ahead of the trends, Bkids makes certain they have conservative yet trendy options to avoid an argument between the child and parent. You will notice a plethora of appropriate jean shorts, comfortable tops and an occasional wild printed legging. “You can be trendy and cute but conservative at the same time” emphasizes Lynda. They keep their esthetic whimsical and amusing but not over the top. The owners will not carry items that might come across as ostentatious as not to even tempt a child with extra shiny things. A customer will be hard pressed to find a unicorn, iridescent bedazzled graphic tee in stock.

Kid’s clothing tends to follow the fashion trends of the women’s contemporary lines yet with a stronger emphasis on colors. Children also need clothing to be effortless and functional so they can play and do what kids do best, enjoy life. “We are excited to carry the women’s brand, Bella Dahl, it is light-weight, easy and looks nice.” states, Lynda. Just like adults, if kids know they look good they in turn feel good. Bkids wants everyone to feel and look good after shopping with them. No teen or tween -age angst allowed

There is hope for even the most discriminating 12-year old’s tastes, shop local and shop Bkids.
Happy shopping! XOXO Aimée, ALG Style


Images by Black and Geauxld photography

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