Armoire Boutique Opens Metairie Location

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Good Clothes Open All Doors

When you walk into a room your attire sends a strong subliminal message about how you want to be treated. Whether it is a sharp tailored jacket when you conduct a meeting or perhaps a simple sundress and sandals to the grocery store, your outfit will have a profound impact on those around you. We are visual creatures and moved by first impressions. Perception is reality.

Good clothing and great style are more accessible than ever. One does not have to spend their entire paycheck on putting together a wardrobe. A woman can find chic classic affordable pieces from local boutiques, department stores and even Target. Fortunately, we have a bevy of boutiques available that specialize in making women feel amazing, one of our favorites is Armoire Boutique.

Armoire is a fun and friendly shop that offers multiple sizes at multiple price points They have two locations, Uptown at 3102 Magazine Street and they recently opened a second location on 115 Metairie Road. Armoire has an online boutique, that is constantly updated. Armoire prides themselves on great customer service and they love to help guests find something that makes them feel confident and stylish. Owner of Armoire, Erin Hebert explains, “A good outfit can make you feel empowered.” Erin wants her customers to give those they are meeting for the first time the best version of themselves by wearing an ensemble that makes one feel inspired and happy. “I love dressing women any age and any size,” explains Erin, “we offer sizes 0 through 22.” Boutiques have a reputation of only carry small sizes, Armoire breaks that mold and excludes no one.

Erin opened her first location on Magazine Street and eventually outgrew the small space, she moved to her current location in 2014. Her Jefferson Parish customers were looking for a more convenient place to shop, so she opened her Metairie store this April. Erin understands the power of a great outfit. The message she hopes to send her customers with her choice of attire, and all those around her, is always positive. “I hope to convey my love of fashion, that I am friendly, approachable and I do not take myself seriously.” says Erin. “I like to keep it fun and playful.”

Building a good foundation for your wardrobe allows you to mix and match classic pieces while adding in and experimenting with new seasonal trends. Having a good arsenal of items in your closet takes the guesswork out of getting dressed an allows for a pulled together look every time you leave the house. Erin Hebert suggests having in constant rotation a great white top with a flattering pair of denim. It is also important to take risks with colors and trends. “At the moment, I am loving anything animal print, leopard, cheetah, tiger and zebra.” she explains. “Add a print like this to spice things up.” We love her idea of pairing them under a tailored blazer for work or with a graphic tee. Accessories are an effortless add-on to every outfit and currently it’s all about a statement earring, which is a simple and affordable trend to complete a look.

Armoire is the ideal place to shop for on-trend fashion. Erin and the Armoire environment a pleasant and welcoming place to play dress-up or even just hang out. They embrace everyone, all walks of life, shapes and sizes. Make Armoire your fashion “Happy Place”, trust Erin and her lovely staff and you will always make the best first impression.

Armoire Boutique

115 Metairie Road
Suite A
3102 Magazine Street
New Orleans

Instagram @armoireboutique

Happy Shopping and you matter! XO, Aimée ALG Style

Images by Black and Geauxld photography

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