Aimée’s Fantasy (and Fashion) Time: Week 1

Welcome Fantasy (and fashion) friends! It is Week 1 of the NFL Season and yours truly, Aimée Gowland, is ready to talk some Fantasy Football! Many people do not know this about me, but next to fashion my other favorite hobby is fantasy football. For a while I’ve kept my fandom under wraps, but I have to go public and am pleased to tell the world that Fantasy Football and myself are going steady.

For you fashion folks, do not fear! You are, and will always be, my number one! So much so that I have decided to blend my two passions into one great weekly post. Each week, I will release my favorite fashion trends + my Fantasy picks. That leopard print skirt, start ’em or sit ’em? Travis Kelce vs. Zach Ertz? I’ll be delivering Fantasy tips until your mind hurts!

So with that let’s get into Week 1! Two things to note, I LOVE fall fashion. I believe fall/winter clothing are the pinnacle of garb. I also need to draft my Fantasy team. So lets start Aimée’s Fantasy Time off with an absolute bang by bringing you 3 fashion accessory tips + my full Fantasy draft!

Fall Fashion Accessories

Small Bags!

Be prepared, because they are going to be everywhere! And we are not just talking clutch size bags. We are talking bags barely big enough to fit your phone. Is it functional? Slightly. Does it look fun? Very! This trend will border being an oversized necklace.

Cinch It!

Cinch that waste with a belt! A whole lot of belts. Yes, this trend has been mounting for quite some time, but it is coming full force this fall with belts over everything. Skirts. Jackets. Suits. Belts! Belts! Belts!


No, it is not tucan Sam! It is the latest fall fashion craze: feathers! Look for them head to toe. Shoes. Hand bags. Earrings. Shoulders. This will be an accessory and a design accent on garments galore.

And those are my 3 Fall Fashion Trends for the Week! Need help transitioning your wardrobe from Summer to Fall?? Give ALG Style a Call! (504) 237-1104 OR Email:!




It’s draft day and I have a S-Q-U-A-D, SQUAD!

Team Name: Yves Saquon Laurent





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