Aimée Goes to CHRONOS

Let’s face it- life is hectic. Rarely does a plan ever go to schedule and even if life goes accordingly often there is very little time to relax and take it in. And let’s just say one is actually able sneak off and treat themselves to a day of luxury, even THAT could be more work. From coordinating a nail appointment to finish in order to get in your car to drive across town for a massage, back in your car to go to the doctor to get some ‘maintenance.’ By the time that ‘treat yourself’ day is complete, you need a another one in order to recover from the running around.

Enter CHRONOS Body, Health and Wellness. CHRONOS is a full service med-spa where you can workout, pamper yourself and even physicians to help you with anti-aging. They truly offer everything you need to not only look, but feel beautiful.

While preparing to visit CHRONOS and film this video I began to jot down all the reasons I love CHRONOS and after a while I ran out of paper. So let’s just get right to the good stuff…

1.) CHRONOS has everything. It is a one stop shop for fitness, health, beauty and relaxation. You roll up, park (FREE PARKING) and you can get everything done in one spot. From a workout, facial, CoolSculpting or just a massage- all of it in one spot!

2.) The Physicians and Estheticians are knowledgeable and honest. If I don’t need something done, they advise against it. Their staff truly has my best interest at heart and makes sure I am always looking my best.

3.) Great Gym! I love to workout and CHRONOS is a dream gym. From treadmills, to free weights, machines, boxing and even a women’s only room. There is truly something for every fitness type.

4.) I absolutely LOVE the CHRONOS staff. Often times I come in for an appointment of some point and within the first five minutes I forget why I am there, because I am too busy laughing with the girls out front. Not only do you leave CHRONOS looking and feeling beautiful, you leave with an overall sense of joy and happiness thanks to their amazing staff.

5.) I LOVE their bathrooms. I know this sounds weird, but I love a great bathroom. The bathrooms at CHRONOS are absolutely amazing, it’s like being in a 5-star hotel. And because their bathrooms are so nice, it makes it even more convenient to stop by. For instance, I might have a client in the afternoon but I want to work out beforehand- I can simply get my sweat in and freshen up and be ready to go. Like everything at CHRONOS, it just adds to the top notch experience.

Long story short, CHRONOS is a one stop shop for looking and feeling fabulous. For more info- visit their website OR give them a call today: (504) 267-4549. Tell them ALG Style sent you!

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