Friday, May 18th, Aimée Gowland, owner and founder of ALG Style, will be discussing fashion, image consulting, how to make a good first impression and above all how to look your best self.

About Aimée 

Aimée (pronounced A-MAY) Gowland, is the owner of ALG Style, an image consulting and styling company. ALG Style is in the business of making good first impressions. Along with her partner, Corrie Pellerin and her team of style and marketing experts, ALG makes certain you, your staff, event, and brand sends the right visual message.

In addition to image and brand consulting ALG hosts numerous shopping events around New Orleans and its environs to promote local retailers. Their premier biannual event, “The Warehouse Sale by ALG Style,” is in its 15th season.

ALG Style wants clients, from personal to corporate, to look and feel their best self every day. Even if all of it  “smoke and mirrors,” Aimee knows and understands that life if is crazy; we are all crazy, ALG just does not want you to look crazy.

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